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Gender Equality


Jan Sahas




Gender Equality


Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, India

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Voice of women

What are the challenges?

Violence against women is widespread in India, and Dalit and Adivasi women find it particularly difficult to gain access to justice. Because perpetrators are rarely brought to justice, Dalit and Adivasi women are considered "easy targets" for sexual violence and other crimes. In rural areas, the access to state legal services for Dalit and Adivasi women is extremely limited and women in these areas rarely receive support from independent organisations. The selected project areas have among the highest number of cases of violence. 

What is the aim of the project?

The project provides legal and social support for female victims of violence, ensuring that they can access justice and be protected in the future. By training and making available legal representatives and services - including “barefoot” lawyers, legal representatives from the communities themselves with an innate understanding of the social environment - the project aims to provide readily accessible legal aid for women in need. 

What are the main activities?

  • Training and capacity-building of women’s grassroots organisations and self-help groups
  • Training, sensitisation and mentoring of paralegals, Legal Service lawyers and “barefoot” lawyers 
  • Legal and social support for survivors of violence 
  • Awareness-raising campaigns aimed at the general public
  • Sensitisation workshops with adolescent boys and men


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